What We Do


“Every town in France has atleast one charcutier, the real skill of the charcutier lies in the transformation of the pig into an array of delicacies.”

Jane Grigson –¬†Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery.

For the most part, when we think of charcuterie in its most modern form we think of continental air dried specialities, however, in its truest form it encompasses all products made of the pig.

Sadly, the long tradition that we have here in the British Isles rarely gains the recognition that it deserves. At one time each town or region would have had its own regional cure and sausage recipes, sadly the rise of industrial production has created a homogenisation of product and process and a number of those traditions have fallen by the wayside.

In Wales especially, charcuterie has its roots in the farmhouse tradition and it’s that same heritage that we draw on as a family business, utilising recipes passed from one generation to the next and modernising historical techniques to retain a products authenticity but in a modern production environment.


We draw on our family history of on-farm curing to make heritage British products such as hand-salted bacons and hams, but we’ve also travelled the globe to learn how to make authentic regional cooked, smoked and air dried products.


Regional sausage varieties from historic recipes


Traditional cures, hand made with care and attention.


British and continental cooked specialities.


European and North American smoked products.

Air Dried

Authentically produced Southern European air dried products.


Somethings don’t fit neatly into groups.




As farmers ourselves, we fully understand the issues that our suppliers face. We take a collaborative view and seek to work with our suppliers and offer a guaranteed fair price.

We don’t adhere to a single welfare scheme as each farm and situation is different. We seek the highest quality, often looking to more traditional methods of rearing – heavier pigs that have led longer lives on rich diets. We look for the use of waste food products such as whey, waste milk, brewers waste, waste beer and vegetables as a supplemental ration and feed grown on-farm where possible.


Meet the team

A large part of what makes our product exceptional, is the people involved in the process. We all have our individual quirks, but we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. We believe that everyone has a specific part to play in the business and we’re always on the lookout for the next member of the team to join us.


We offer a variety of courses, and can run bespoke events.

Courses include introductory days that teach knife skills, safety techniques and basic anatomy. Additionally, introductory courses for sausages, cured, cooked and smoked products are also available. We host courses at the farm but we have also worked with other partners including Food Adventure, the Welsh Cookery School and The Culinary Cottage.