The Joy of Grants

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I’m onto my third grant application in just over a month. You’d think that they’d be getting easier but that definitely isn’t the case.

Grant number one was 100% funded for an innovation in the food industry, as it was a joint application it took me a couple of meetings and a day shooting and editing a short film to put everything together. Good feedback, but ultimately; I didn’t get it.

Grant number two was an application for part funding for some equipment. It was only a relatively short expression of interest form that I had to complete. However, there was some complicated financial data that I had to put together which took some time to collate. I didn’t even get to the full application stage before there was a very polite letter to say that the pot of money had run dry. Bugger.

Onto grant number three, for those in the food industry in Wales, any form of ‘free money’ has been thin on the ground these past few years. There’s currently an open call for the Processing and Marketing Grant, a pot of £2m, which in the whole scheme of things is miniscule. It’s a competitive bidding round, so I’m sure businesses the breadth of Wales are extolling their many virtues onto the application form as I type. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I have two further grants that I’m looking at over the next month or so. If they’re dead ends too, I may well turn to the wonder of Kickstarter. For those who read the blog and who are happy to spend a weekend as a brickie or labourer(think Amish barn raising) in exchange for some salami please get in touch!

1 Comment

  1. Julie Woo

    Count me in as brickie’s hoddie (or whatever u call them) Always happy to help you two xxx

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