Felin y Glyn Farm

Our home farm, site of our production facility and home to our own herd of Pedigree Welsh and Mangalitsa pigs.

The Barlings Herd

Paul and Sarah Ashcroft. Exceptional pig keepers, providing us with Pedigree Welsh, Berkshire and Large White pigs using feed produced from their own farm.

Rhydybennau Herd

Pat & Ken Stebbings. Ken, formerly a pig nutritionist rears his Pedigree Welsh Pigs on a specialist diet of whey; a by-product from local cheese production.

Goldfoot Herd

Teifi Evans. An extremely well known herd of prize winning Pedigree Welsh pigs with an exceptional history.

Marcross Farm

The Evans Family. 4th generation dairy farm in the Vale of Glamorgan milking 180 Holstein Friesian cattle who established a diversification project to retail ethical and high welfare Rose Veal.

Celtic Pride

A three tiered collaborative project to create excellence in beef production. A collection of farmers under the Welsh Meat Company work with IBERS, Aberystwyth University and feed supplier Wynnstay with product marketed via Castell Howell and Weddel Swift.