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Firstly, an apology for all those reading this in the UK. If you’re experiencing bad weather, it’s all my fault. Today’s the first day of my ‘staycation’ so I’m pretty sure that I’m to blame. We’re heading to Butlins, Minehead for a few days on one of those Sun £9.50 token deals. For those of you over the pond, I don’t know whether you have holiday camps that are quite the same as ours. Even though I’ve been to a few parks over the years, I still have a nostalgic view of them, akin to what we used to see on our telebox. I’ve been gearing myself up by watching Hi Di Hi on Youtube.

As I would expect, going on holiday is not simple. I thought I’d pre-arranged everything – babysitters for the pigs, plenty of feed, cover for backdoor sales. What I hadn’t thought about was the weather. We’ve got a pair of red kites nesting this year in the woods, I was busy watching them this morning tackling the gale force gusts as I walked up to see the pigs. Somehow I didn’t notice the two trees that were down and straddling the fence of the woodland enclosure. Coupled with the soundtrack of the two loose zinc sheets on the shed clattering away I was more than a little frustrated once I finally spotted them. The shed roof will have to wait, I’m nervous on ladders, so there’s little chance of me scaling any height in high winds. Although the trees aren’t sorted yet, I’ve surveyed, moved the main branches and patched things up. Jobs for next weekend? Repair shed and cut trees. I know it’ll be playing on my mind all week.

I’ve already been asked whether there’s a meat theme to this holiday. Nothing planned, yet. But if we come across something I promise it’ll be in my next posting.

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