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Yet another busy week in the life of Charcutier Ltd. Our planning application went in for the new processing facility, we’re keeping everything crossed that it’s a smooth run. We’ve been lucky with the last two planning applications on the farm, so fingers crossed we dotted the i’s and crossed all the t’s in the right place again this time.

We’ve plans to build a tractor and implement shed next year too, I think four planning applications in just over six years is more than enough for one lifetime.

Some good news on the business planning front, I was successful in my application a few weeks back for former Dragon Doug Richards’ School for Startups. It’s an intensive one day bootcamp for businesses who want to grow their online presence quickly. Writing the application is what actually made me get my arse in gear to start this blog, open a twitter account and generate a Facebook page. Really looking forward to this, I’ve always had a keen interest in computers and the t’internet (we had it at home in the early 90’s and Dad was forever playing with all manner of modem bits throughout the 80’s) but I’ve never quite made that leap of geekdom and fully immersed myself in the culture.

As for product testing; another good week. I spent Wednesday morning slicing ten different varieties of bacon and the afternoon taste testing. I actually feel a little queasy when I think about bacon at the moment. A mixture of results – I’ve changed cure supplier so I wanted to do a run of various recipes and methods to get  a handle on the product. With the free box of sample cures I managed to have a go at some ham brining too and boiled/roasted/steamed and sous vide’d a variety of muscles. Some major successes there, but the curing times need a hint of tinkering and sugar levels could do with a little push. Good, but not quite there yet.

We baked some bread yesterday, so our tea was ‘test ham sandwiches’.

I hope you’ve stuck with the post all the way to the end as I’ve got a little treat. I’ve been following a handful of charcuterie blogs for quite some time and one of my favourites is Wrightfood. His latest post is awesome, I absolutely love the little butchery he’s photographed. Be sure to check out his other posts about his own homemade product, guaranteed to make you hungry!


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