My Last Weekend

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It’s my last weekend as a drone worker, come Friday I’ll be free, self-employed once more and busting a gut to put cash in my own pocket. I will definitely miss my weekends, no more popping out for cooked breakfasts with a copy of the Guardian, having a wander round farmers markets and junk shops or day-long drinking on rugby weekends. Ok, now that I’ve just typed that I’m starting to wonder why I’m packing it all in! So, the pressure really hits next week, when I’ll have to start stretching a months pay packet over three.

However, business is going well – feedback is filtering back from little tasters that I’ve sent out, and there’s very little fine tuning needed to get everything sorted. I made contact with some excellent stockists this week so hopefully I’ll have a load of new casings and cultures for my next batch of test salami in July.

Wednesday and Thursday was spent on a Meat Training Council accredited pork butchery course at the Food Centre Wales. Awesome two days, learnt a lot, especially as one of my fellow students was the son of a slaughterman. It was great hearing his anecdotes and stories about how things were done in his fathers day – butchering the carcass as it hung. It was very interesting discussing how our family methods differed in salting country hams, even though as the crow-flies we probably only live some ten miles apart.

The actual leap into business feels a lot more real now – not only did I look at refrigerated vans this week but I also had a look at a butchery unit too. It may well be the answer to my short term processing area issues. I’m desperately scouring ebay at the moment for any kind of catering equipment, if anyone hears of an auction locally or of someone wanting to shift some stainless steel tables, please let me know. I will be eternally grateful, and there’s some bacon in it for you too.

Off to put my feet up in front on tv, it may be my last chance!



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