Melon and Coppa ice cream at Salt & Straw and a little Pieku!


Sarah from the Food Innovation Centre had mentioned melon and coppa ice cream, and I wasn’t one to pass on the opportunity of trying some. I headed out of the city centre and found myself directed by my sat nav to a suburban street, I was apparently on the right street but I’d put the number in incorrectly. A few minutes later, with some re-programming I was at my destination. Salt and Straw, whose store opened six weeks ago, is an absolute delight – North Americans have a certain panache when it comes to balancing vintage style and modern design when it comes to styling and branding.

I opted for a tub of the melon and coppa ice cream, but only after having a taster of their incredible pear and blue cheese flavour. They also do a brown ale and bacon, but unfortunately it was sold out. They source their cured meats from Olympic Provisions, THE Portland Charcuterie producer. Now I’m not sure whether it was coppa or prosciutto that they had in the ice-cream, the chalk board said prosciutto and their website says coppa but there was a great balance and the ice cream was creamy, tasty and flavourful.

I also had the most wonderful little blueberry pie treat made by Pieku, coincidentally, later in the day while I was visiting KitchenCru I found out that Sara from Pieku (who uses KitchenCru as her production base) uses fat from Tails and Trotters (who I’m planning on visiting) in some of her pie crusts – so inadvertently I may well have stuck to my all pork diet!


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