Gosh, some pressure!

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Setting up a handful of social media sites seemed quite straightforward. However, the realisation has hit me that I might actually have to keep on updating these things and filling them with text and information that people might want to read. So, as Dylan Thomas wrote “To begin at the beginning” – I’m currently a civil servant, but not for long. I have ten full working days until I take the mammoth leap and leave work with my voluntary redundancy package in hand. In a time of economic hardship I’m probably doing the very worst thing anyone can do. But, I’ve always wanted to ‘do something for myself’ and this leap into the unknown is my opportunity to have a crack at the big bad world of ‘business’. I’m no aspiring apprentice, I just fancy having a go at something I love. And that thing? Well, in it’s simplest form – moldy pig bits.

For as long as my family have been farming (and that’s pretty long now) we’ve kept a ‘family pig’. Come winter there’d be the frantic few days of slaughtering, butchering, salting and processing. Well, I caught the bug and for the past few years in addition to making the traditional faggots, brawn, salted bacon and country hams I branched out into sausage making, black pudding making and even tried my hand at some crude air dried hams. Results have been hit and miss, but along the way I’ve learnt a lot and gained an immense amount of experience. So, where are we now? Well, real product development started back in November 2010 and we probably won’t have our ideal processing area on farm until spring of next year. However, we’re hoping to get to market by October of this year. and our first few products? Beer cured bacon, traditional dry cured bacon, cider cured ham, black pudding and rillettes. And from 2012, we’re hoping to have some pancetta, salami and coppa ready for you too. Sound good to you?

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