What is charcuterie?

Charcuterie in its truest form consists of products made of the pig. This can include fresh products such as sausages and bacon as well as cooked products such as ham, pork pies and pate and continental products such as bratwurst, frankfurters, boudins as well as air dried meats such as prosciutto/air dried ham or bresaola or air dried sausages such as chorizo, saucisson sec or salami.

Where can I buy?

Take a look at our shop page to find which local markets and events we’ll be attending next. If you’re a little further afield perhaps we have a retailer close to you, if not do mention us to your favourite deli, shop or food hall.

Care of product

For the most part our products require refrigeration – always check the guidelines on the packaging. The exception is our salami – they take a little more looking after.

How do I store salami?

Traditionally, air dried meats were made to be kept for a very long time. Our salami will too, but for the best tasting product they should be eaten within a week or two of purchase. All our salamis are shelf-stable; that means that they don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. However, they’re a living product, so they’ll continue to dry out with time. If you do put them in the fridge don’t wrap them in cling film or foil, keep them loosely packed in their paper so they can breathe.

All our salamis are made using natural casings, you don’t have to peel them but it’ll make for a better eating experience if you do. The white stuff on the casing is good mould, it’s meant to be there. We inoculate all our salamis with Penicillium Nalgiovense – it aids with the drying process and reduces the risk of spoilage. Occasionally the salamis might sprout some funny looking moulds, or start to go slimy. If that’s the case, they should be discarded – this is largely due to improper storage (they’re either too warm or they haven’t had a chance to breathe).


As we’re currently working on an online shop, any mail orders should be placed by email or telephone. Delivery can be made by courier. We despatch weekly on a Thursday for a Friday delivery. All deliveries are guaranteed next day at a cost of £15 (inc VAT) each and are made in insulated boxes with coolant which is guaranteed to keep the product chilled for 48hrs.

Media Enqiries

Charcutier Ltd has featured on television, on the radio and in a range of print based media. We also run demonstrations and workshops.

Any media enquiries should be made by email to info@charcutier.co.uk.

Work Opportunities

Current work opportunities are advertised on our news page. Due to an increased number of requests for work experience we have decided to formulate a dedicated training scheme for those wishing to become charcuterie professionals.

Our stagiaire program will launch in 2016. Training costs are yet to be finalised but we are accepting expressions of interest, please send CV’s and a covering letter to info@charcutier.co.uk.