Driving the 101 (Part 3)


Final day on the 101 before heading back inland to Portland. The road weaves its way in and out from the coast, it’s a mix of beaches, rocky cliffs, coastal forest and the odd small town with a huge steel bridge crossing an estuary. Before dusk I reached my final coastal town of the day – Cannon Beach. As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, I’m quite the film geek. Cannon Beach (and Astoria further North) have a special spot in my heart, they both provided locations for one of my favourite childhood films The Goonies. I donned my coat for the first time on the trip and stopped for a quick walk on the beach. Heading inland towards Portland I spotted a pretty produce store, I did a quick u-turn and returned. The place epitomised autumnal America for me, bright orange pumpkins, squashes of all shapes and sizes, big juicy apples and pears and dried coloured Indian corn. Basically, the Autumn edition of a Martha Stewart magazine.The pièce de résistance for me though was their warm apple dumplings, a whole baked apple surrounded in the most deliciously buttery sweet cinammony pastry and topped with a sugary glaze. I was in heaven, and it took a great deal of resolve not to go back for a second helping.


  1. Tom in Pembrokeshire

    Love the shots of Astoria and Cannon beach, my fiance is from San Diego and the Goonies was one of her favorite movies as a child also. Sloth and the goonies were filmed on the beach at the end of the movie I think?

    • charcutierltd

      It was my second time in Astoria – they even sell a little film map nowadays to do a self guided tour. I got to see sights from Goonies, Short Circuit, Kindergarten Cop and Free Willy. I just re-watched the Goonies the other night to see all of the locations again, I’m such a geek!

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