Charcuterie Road Trip

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In 37 days I’ll be stepping back onto a plane and heading Stateside again. Well, to be truthful, I’ll be Canada bound for the first leg, but my jaunt will take me from Vancouver – Seattle – Portland – San Francisco and everywhere in between. I’m one of the lucky recipients of the Hybu Cig Cymru/Meat Promotion Wales Livestock Scholarship. I’ll be the 20th scholar since the program started in 2004, and the first to have taken a study tour to look at the pork industry.

I really can’t wait. It’s a dream come true, I get to travel one of my favourite parts of the world in order to visit farmers, producers, farmers markets, retailers, butchers and restaurants. I’ve already started making plans but I’m open to any suggestions for additional places to visit on the trip. So if you’re reading this, and you know someone with a link to the pork industry in the Pacific Northwest, GET IN TOUCH!

The plan is to document the trip, so I’ll be posting on here a little more often through September and October. If you know of someone with a passing interest, please pass on the blog address. The purpose of the scholarship is to get as much of the information I’ve learnt out there to other livestock breeders, producers, sellers and the consumer. I’ll be doing a series of talks next year based on the trip back in Wales, so if that’s of interest, let me know and I’ll start compiling a mailing list ready for some info closer to the date.

I’d like this to be an interactive experience, so please spread the word!

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